Automatic digital tourniqet manufacture




Micro base TOURNIQUET system

. Faster Inflation
. Continuous And Gradually Deflation With Two Different Keys
. On Line Battery Back-up ،Nickel-metal-hybrid Ni-MH
. Adjusting Pressure Up To 700 mmHg
. Adjusting Time Up To 300 min
. Selecting The Pressure Unit In mmHg Or KPa
. Monitoring The needed Parameters Of Pressure & Time On LCD
. Time And Leakage Alarm
. Optional Trolley Metalic Or Fiber Glass One
. Easy Connecting Tubes
. Different Sizes Of Single And Double Cuffs
. Working With The Central Compressed Air Resources In Hospitals(Option)

– RS 1000 with port can work with one single cuff.
– Rs3000 with two ports can work with one or two single cuffe simultaneously or one Double Cuff

Raeen sanat Enginnering Co

Two output connectors with completely separate control•
Ability to operate with a rechargeable battery for 3 hours•
Functionality with dual cuffs•
Pressure control function by microcontroller•
Adjustable pressure up to 700 mmHg and time setting up to 30 minutes•
Functionality with diffrenet TPU cuffs•
Evacuation of the cuff in a staggered and continuous manner with tow separate keys•
Display all functional parameters on the screen•
Has timed alarms•
Low weight and easy operation•


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